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Pennies that just aren't worth it
I'd feel better
if I only heard
the last 3 words
Joshua Logsdon

Well hey!

I'm a freelancer, working primarily in discreet subcontracting and consulting.

I began with a hands-on curiosity for websites, which lead to programming, which brought an appreciation for design, which became a passion for both.

I'm getting this site around for testing and sharing. Outside of computer stuff, I'm fascinated with music, movies, stories, visual composition and lighting.

What I Do

I create solutions in Web, Multimedia, and Print with roots in both design and development.

I frequently work with PHP, MySQL, Flash and AS3, JavaScript and jQuery, CSS and HTML. I also work with Coldfusion and MSSQL.

My main tools are XAMPP environments, Adobe products, and free or open-source software (e.g. Notepad++) and frameworks (e.g. Codeigniter).

Work in Progress

Hey look, that's me when this site will be done.

For real though, it's going to happen this year. Content and disabled links will be updated as things progress.

What's a web guy without a website? I hear you. I've been fortunate to get around through word-of-mouth and kept busy enough to use that as an excuse.

Need to get your site up and running?

  • Plan


    This is ounce-of-prevention / pound-of-cure territory. When (not if) you run into an issue, this should keep you grounded.

    You don't need to know everything, but you should know your end result and expectations. Consult with someone knowledgeable to help fill in the rest.

  • Design


    It's an exciting process, but can be overwhelming with choices. Practice restraint or get help if you lose focus.

    Take note of sites that appeal to you or have the functionality you need. If you need inspiration, visit collections and template sites for ideas.

  • Develop


    You may have a small part in the actual development, but you have a big role in defining the purpose and function of your site.

    Communication is as important as testing during this process. If you get frustrated, take a break first or get some help. Oh, and back up files regularly!

  • Maintain


    After you launch and begin marketing your site, consider how often you need to refresh content or maintain functionality.

    If not supporting the site on your own, plan on getting help in the future. Light-years from now, you may even rinse and repeat all these processes.